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The best patient education video player on the web

Only ViewMedica On-Demand subscribers have access to our powerful patient education video player. It’s fast, responsive and gives you powerful tools to inform and engage your patients.

The ViewMedica On-Demand App can be used on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops.
Accessibility controls highlighted on a keyboard.

Accessible video technology

The On-Demand Player meets WAI-AA and Section 508 Web accessibility standards. We developed this powerful patient education video player just for the health care industry. So you can rest assured that as industry standards advance, so will your website’s On-Demand Player.

ViewMedica presentations can use ViewMedica videos, your videos, and text and image slides.

Custom presentations

Create custom health presentations for patients by combining ViewMedica patient education videos with custom informational slides and even your own videos. Display presentations on your website and use them in your office to educate your patients — just hit play and walk away.

Markup mode

Draw on any patient education video frame to enhance the patient education experience and improve patient interaction. Highlight important anatomy, add text labels or demonstrate complex medical information in a visual way.

Drawing on a video showing metatarsal joint pain with ViewMedica On-Demand.
A logo displayed on ViewMedica On-Demand's printable brochures, player load screen and main navigation.

Color, branding and art promote you

Display your logo or photo next to your libraries, or use our included artwork. ViewMedica On-Demand shows your practice name before every patient education video, and the included printable brochures prominently display your logo, contact information and a QR code link to the related video.


You and your site's users can share specific patient education videos and presentations via email, Facebook and Twitter. ViewMedica sharing allows your patients to engage family and friends in their treatment. All sharing links are branded with your practice name and drive traffic back to your site.

ViewMedica On-Demand's share screen shows options for E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Link Copy.
ViewMedica On-Demand embedded in to the John's Hopkins Medicine website.

Promote your services

If you have a page on your site that discusses a specific condition or treatment, you can embed the On-Demand Player to jump right to that content. This allows you to seamlessly integrate patient education videos throughout your entire site.

Track analytics

If you use Google Analytics on your site, you also can track ViewMedica. We give you the power to track the number of views and other metrics for each video.

ViewMedica analytics can provide insight into how users are utilizing your content.
Changing languages from English to Spanish in the ViewMedica 8 player.

Everything in English and Spanish

Have both Spanish and English players on your website. The player interface and all ViewMedica patient education videos are published in English and Spanish, at no added cost to you.

Your patient education in one place

Thousands of videos and powerful service platforms for your website, your waiting room and more.

30-day money-back guarantee