Presentations Boost Patient Education

Free with your ViewMedica On-Demand subscription: Put presentations on your website and educate patients in your facility — just hit play and walk away

Custom Content

Add your own custom slides or videos that explain pre-operative or post-operative instructions. Display HIPAA notices, your service hours, or promote your ancillary services and feature staff members — right from your ViewMedica On-Demand player.

Presentaions enable you to include images slides, text slides, and your own videos in sequence with your On-Demand videos.
A doctor explains a concept to patient by showing her content on a tablet.

Use for Clinical Education

Create custom presentations for all of your most common procedures. Then, in the exam room, launch a presentation to give your patient a cohesive overview of their condition, your care plan and any other information you want them to view. The length of each presentation is displayed up-front, so you can leave the patient and return after the presentation has finished.

Use on Your Website

Embed a presentation on your content-specific pages. For example, if your site explains total knee replacement, embed on that page a ViewMedica presentation that has the Knee Arthritis video, Total Knee Replacement video and a few text slides and videos that describe your practice's specific pre-and post-surgery instructions.

A presentation is embed on a specific page with topical content.

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