Enhance your next video product with ViewMedica video clips

Medical providers that produce their own video for use in their facilities or as advertisements, news items or other promotional material can license portions of ViewMedica patient education videos.

How it Works

You can only license short clips — not full videos. Just find the section of a video that you want and tell us the time code for the beginning and end of the clip. Preview the video and get the clip’s time codes from the ViewMedica video player posted above. We then cut the clip and send it to you in the format you need.

  • Only clips showing 3D and other art elements can be licensed
  • Source video is at least 1280x720p
  • Video clips do not have sound
  • Clips can be output in most popular formats

Terms of Use

You can use the video clip in free to the public web video, DVD, or news broadcast or broadcast video product. You cannot give away, archive or resell the video clip itself. For use in video products that will be sold, contact us.

See full Terms of Service for stock video clips

Licensing Fee

Licensing fees for video clips are based on use and length. This license fee is for a medical practice with fewer than 20 providers or hospital with fewer than 500 beds. Larger hospitals, practices, medical corporations or any other group should contact us to get the appropriate Extended Licensing fees.

  • For a 15-second or shorter clip: $600
  • More than 15 seconds: Additional $40 per second

Note that clips have to be contiguous, so if you need 5 seconds from the beginning of a video and five seconds from the end of the same video, that counts as two video clips.

Need more than a short video clip?

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Request a Video Clip Quote

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