Integrated Video

For TV systems, bedside video, and EHRs

ViewMedica Integrated Videos can be used with hospital bedside platforms.

Videos that integrate into your engagement system

Use ViewMedica videos to educate and engage patients at the hospital bedside, in the ambulatory care facility, and on your internet patient portal.


SONIFI health

Many more EHR &
engagement platforms

  • A library of 2,358 award-winning health videos

    You choose only the videos that match your needs. All are voiced in English and Spanish with closed captioning at no extra cost to you.

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Metadata and medical coding included

Each ViewMedica video comes with metadata ready to be ingested into your system. And they are all coded for ICD-10, CPT, CDT, SNOMED and SNODENT as needed.

ViewMedica videos are tagged with useful metadata that easily integrates into your EMR system.
Integrated videos can be downloaded and updated easily, thanks to ViewMedicas web interface.

Easily manage your preferences

Our browser-based administration area makes it easy to manage your ViewMedica account from any internet-connected device, at any time of day. We help you find the content you need. And, our system alerts you to any updates in content you subscribe to.

Print brochures for your videos

ViewMedica videos come with printable brochures. These full-color brochures make perfect patient handouts and include your contact and website information. Just log into your account and print.

Brochures include your logo, relevant images, and a full transcript of the video.

Need videos for your website or waiting room TV?

ViewMedica On-Demand can be used on your website, and on desktop and mobile devices.

On-Demand video

Add patient education videos to your website, exam rooms and more

More About On-Demand

VMcast brings patient education, weather, news, messages, and promos to your waiting room tv.

VMcast waiting room TV

Take control of your waiting room TV with the ViewMedica VMcast system

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Your patient education in one place

Thousands of videos and powerful service platforms for your website, your waiting room and more.

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