Create custom presentations with ViewMedica

Over the past year, many ViewMedica subscribers have requested a way combine ViewMedica videos with their own text and YouTube videos to create custom patient education presentations.

The idea: Sit a patient down with a presentation that covers all aspects of their treatment, hit PLAY and walk away.

Swarm Interactive is pleased to announce ViewMedica Playlists. Playlists are free for all new and existing ViewMedica Web subscribers.

Now you can create a Playlist that starts with a welcome video from your doctor, and then jumps right into ViewMedica videos about the patient’s condition and the proposed treatment. From there you might finish with text slides that explain common risks and complications, and perhaps information on what to expect before and after surgery.

Or maybe you want to stream educational content and promotional messages to your waiting room TV. With the optional VMcast feature ($10 per month) you can set any Playlist to loop endlessly to a television, eliminating the need for expensive DVDs and waiting room video services that are filled with advertisements. And because Playlists can be edited right from your ViewMedica account, you can change your waiting room content as often as you like.

We’re launching these features as beta software, which means that we have tested them as much as we can internally, and now it’s your turn. There will be no charge for VMcast during the beta test period, so this is a great time to give it a try.