How white label ordering works

Let your clients order their ViewMedica any time of day, and without you having to lift a finger. This special ordering site just for resellers is called a "White Label" site because there is no Swarm branding anywhere. The only brand your users see is your brand. The only links outside of the site go to your site.

NOTE: You do not need to use the White Label site if you want to continue taking ViewMedica orders manually. We think this White Label is the best way to let your users license ViewMedica and manage their own account – saving you time and encouraging more orders.

White label ordering presents a quote to your prospective clients along side your logo.

Once a potential client goes to your White Label ordering page, they pick the content items they want. By default, your users will see the standard retail pricing when they get their quote. This encourages product browsing and reduces client interaction. You can also change your White Label Pricing setting to hide all prices from the user.

Next, the user enters in their practice’s info. If they do not do this step, their selections will not be saved.

After saving their practice info, a ViewMedica account is created for them. The account is set as Pending. You will get an email from Swarm announcing the new account. You can activate it through your reseller admin area, or reply to the email for help turning on the account. You don’t get billed and the account is not live until the account is activated by you. See Activiating and Demoing a New Account.