Add a new account

You can create an account, add new videos, check the monthly quote, and save selections from the create account page.
  1. Select Create an Account from your Dashboard screen, or open the Create Account dropdown menu from your gold menu bar. Then, select a plan from the three account types. á la carte, Practice 250, and Practice Unlimited. If the client is going to license more that 100 videos, Practice 250 or Practice Unlimited are better deals.

  2. Select the videos for the client. For more information, see the section on Editing a Member’s Content Selections.

  3. The Monthly Billing in the Your Quote bar shows your discounted cost for the videos selected.

  4. When done, hit the green Save Selections button.

    Enter in all the practice information** and hit the Save Preferences button. The account is added to your Pending Accounts. It is not live yet, and you will not be billed until you activate it.

See the section on Activating and Demoing a New Account to see how you can make the account live and ready to use.

** NOTE: If you plan on letting your members access their own accounts, pick a username and password that doesn’t compromise your own password or those of your other members.