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The On-Demand Player and Accessibility

U.S. Government rules encourage health providers to make all their web content accessible for sight and hearing impaired as well as users with other disabilities. Subscribers to ViewMedica On-Demand patient education videos can rest assured. The On-Demand player meets WAI-A and section 508 standards for accessibility.

Only ViewMedica subscribers get the proprietary On-Demand player for showing health videos on their websites. We’ve developed this powerful video player just for the health care industry. So as industry requirements change, we quickly change with them.

We use the latest web technologies to make your player accessible to a wide audience. To meet the U.S. government’s Section 508 requirements, we followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Web Accessibility Initiative, and met the WAI level A threshold. ViewMedica’s accessibility features are available on the two most used desktop operating systems with the majority of web browsers, and they work with both third-party and native screen readers.

Tested for Accessibility

  • Windows Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer
  • Mac Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari
  • Screen Readers: NVDA, JAWS, Microsoft Narrator, Mac VoiceOver

We are currently working on ways to raise ViewMedica On-Demand’s WAI level to a stronger AA. That will involve giving the user control over text size and color contrast.