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Set a Default Loop to Autoplay

When you set a default loop, your VMcast app automatically plays that loop whenever it is launched.

  1. After logging in to your account, from your account dashboard, click VMcast’s Control Center link.

  2. Next to the Stream Number of the stream you want to set, click on the “Loop” icon. This brings up the stream’s loop status.

A loop can be set to autoplay by choosing a loop as the default loop.
  1. If you have no default loop, click the “Select a Default Loop” button to begin. You can choose your Default from a list of available loops and Presentations. If you have not made any loops, you should see our tutorial on Creating a Loop; it’s easy.
The default loop setting is located on the loop panel of a stream.

If you already have a Default Loop set, you can change it by hitting the “Change Loop” button.