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Check if Presentations are Supported in Your Website or Browser

Presentations and Bumpers do not show up in some old browsers and on websites using outdated ViewMedica embed codes.

Does my Browser Support Presentations and Bumpers?

Internet Explorer browsers versions 8 and older are not compatible with the technology used to make the Presentation feature work. When users of these old browsers see ViewMedica, the Presentations menu item is not visible. If you’re using IE8 or older, upgrade your browser to get Presentation support. If you cannot upgrade your Internet Explorer, see if you can use the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers.

Does my Website’s ViewMedica Embed Support Presentations and Bumpers?

If you became a ViewMedica subscriber before 2012, most likely, you embedded the ViewMedica viewer on your website using our now outdated code that cannot support Presentations and other helpful features that have been added to ViewMedica since then. To check what embed code you are using, do these steps:

  1. Go to the page where you have ViewMedica embedded using any browser other than Internet Explorer 8 or older.

  2. When the ViewMedica load screen shows up, just below the grey bar that has the ViewMedica logo is the version number. This screen goes by quickly depending on your internet connection speed, so you may need to reload the page to catch the version number.

  3. If the ViewMedica version is less than version 7.0, then you are using an old embed that does not support Presentations and Bumpers.

  4. To get the latest embed code(s) for your site, log into your account. You may want to see our support document to learn How to Get the Latest Embed Code. If you have any questions about updating your embed codes, contact us and we can work with you or your website administrator to make sure your embed codes are installed properly.