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Add Promos to the Bottom Screen Area

Promote your services, spotlight staff, or display important information with these visual promos that run regularly in the bottom area of your VMcast.

Setting the promos for one stream

  1. After logging in to your account, from your account dashboard, click VMcast’s “Control Center” link.

  2. To the right of each stream name are a set of icons for that stream’s features. Click on the “Promos” icon for the stream that you want to manage.

The promos page allows you to add promos the main area, the side area, or the bottom area of your VMcast display.
  1. Here you see a menu of all the types of promos you can set. We’ll set the bottom promos here. So, click on “Bottom Promos” under the “Types” listing on the left of the screen. At first, you will have no available bottom promos. If you already have your promos made, skip to step 6, otherwise, to create one, hit the green “Create New Promo” button.

  2. Click on the image icon to start setting up the promo.

The promo uploader page lets you upload a promo, as well as set its title and duration.

IMAGES should be jpeg or png format 1920px wide by 215px deep

For image promos, you need to upload your image by clicking on the “Choose a file” link or dragging your image to the image area of the screen. Once your image is loaded, you need to name it. This name shows up in the promos menu, and will help you select promos for each stream in the future. Next, you need to set how long it will stay up on the TV. If your image uses a lot of words, make sure it stays on screen long enough for it to be read.

  1. When done with the settings, hit the “Save” button. That will bring your back to the “Manage Promos” screen, and you should now see your new promo listed as a “Bottom Promo”.

  2. From the “Manage Promos” screen, with the “Bottom Promos” Type selected, you can now turn on the promos you want to run for this stream. By tuning a promo “ON” it will display on the bottom of your TV. If you have two promos turned on, VMcast will show, your news feed on the bottom if you have news turned on, then the first promo, then the second promo, then back to news. If news is off, then only promos will be displayed.

You can toggle promos on or off by click the on off toggle button.

You can also click on the promo name to see it and edit that promo’s properties, or you can delete the promo by hitting its minus button.

  1. Change the promo order by grabbing a promo in this list and dragging it to the position you desire.

Setting the promos for all your streams

Do all the steps the same as setting Promos for one Stream, but from the “Manage Promos” screen, turn “ON” the “Universal” setting at the top of the menu. With Universal “ON”, all your streams will use these promo settings. That will save you from having to set the promos for multiple streams if you don’t want them to have different promo sets. Note that universal applies to all main-screen, side and bottom promos.