Features of your reseller dashboard

The Dashboard screen is a great way to get an overview of your account stats and quickly link to common account tasks.

  1. Create New Accounts here.
You can create new accounts, set billing options, view accounts stats, and more from your reseller dashboard.
  1. Change your credit card information in your Billing Options.

  2. Get Reseller Stats about your account. See the number of active and pending accounts, your total monthly cost and profits, and what your current discount rate is.

  3. Reseller Support Docs explain how the ViewMedica reseller system works.

  4. Reseller News lists the latest info on ViewMedica updates and reseller news.

The reseller dashboard allos you to view pending accounts and change profile settings.
  1. Here is a list of all your Pending Accounts. Use this to quickly activate pending accounts when you are ready to make them live.

  2. Important Tools to use help you update your profile info, get links to your own White Label site, change your demo ViewMedica settings and get the embed code for your demo ViewMedica.