ViewMedica iPad support improves

Swarm announces an upgrade to its ViewMedica viewer used by iPads and iPhones. Now ViewMedica on iPad and iPhone supports custom menu art, better practice branding, and preview images of all content.

Seeing the importance of the mobile market, Swarm released its first ViewMedica Web app soon after the iPad’s 2010 launch. The new ViewMedica Web app takes advantage of the latest technologies, improving its user experience and design with a special focus on the iPad interface.

As always, we don’t charge for this mobile support. All patient education animations can be viewed on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices at no extra cost to you. And, the automatic upgrade is free for all current subscribers. As long as you are using the latest ViewMedica embed code on your site, you will see the new iPad/iPhone viewer.

Point your iPad or iPhone to our ViewMedica information page to see the new mobile support.