Is a tiny shape-shifting robot your next surgical assistant?

A new technology will allow for the development of tiny robotics that can perform precise surgeries inside the human body.

Robot with a magnifying glass

At Heriot-Watt University, scientists are creating a new “shape memory alloy” that can be developed into tiny robotic surgeons as small as one millimeter in diameter.

According to an article posted on The Telegraph, the robots could one day replace much of what surgeons do at a micro scale, and even detect cancerous tissue. The technology would reduce the need for surgeons to use small tools that are very difficult to handle, allowing for better patient care and reduced costs.

And because of the flood of new “robotic surgical equipment” into the market place, prices will be driven down over time. This by no means guarantees that these tiny robotic surgeons will exist, but it does prove that more and more people are trying to make these futuristic technologies a reality.