Here's help to dispel those nasty vaccine myths.

See the new video series that busts the most common misconceptions about vaccinations.

Wheel of flu stubbornness

Ask a patient why they are not getting their vaccinations and you’ll probably be quoted one of the most common negative myths about the vaccination process.

The reason for this is that misinformation about vaccines is rampant on the internet, and that’s where many of your patients go for common medical advice.

But thanks to the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians and the New Jersey Department of Health, there’s now a video series that busts the most common vaccination myths. And better yet, these videos are free for use in your waiting room and exam rooms.

The series, titled “Wheel of Misinformation: The Truth About Vaccines,” covers five common excuses people use to skip vaccination.

These videos make excellent waiting room television content, so if you are a subscriber to our VMcast Waiting Room TV System, you’ll find that we have already added the entire series to your account. Find them when you add videos to your loops under “Public Health Videos/Vaccines/General.”