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Dental library recognized for excellence

eHLA Badge Platinum 2018

ViewMedica’s new dental health videos recently won a Platinum Award in the category of Best Healthcare Content in the 2018 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

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Creating a new library is always challenging, because we want to make sure the debut titles are useful for our subscribers. For the dental library, we talked to dentists about problems that affect their patients. We asked them about the services they offer. And, we looked at the type of content already available online.

Then we had to nail down the look and tone of the videos. Teeth are white, and they easily become washed out when displayed on a computer or TV monitor. Our medical illustrator Kate Zumach worked hard on the colors, textures and lighting to make sure our 3D models were anatomically accurate and displayed properly. “It was a blast being able to use new animation techniques in our dental library,” said Zumach.

Dentistry is stressful for many patients. So we carefully crafted the narration and the images to avoid anxiety triggers. We want our videos to be educational for even the most reluctant patients, and from the feedback we received, we’ve succeeded.

Swarm Interactive, Inc. is the developer of ViewMedica, a library of medical videos used by thousands of providers around the world to educate their patients. ViewMedica subscribers play the videos on their websites, in their facilities, and through their waiting room TVs. The ViewMedica content library is completely customizable and affordable.

ViewMedica On-Demand is accessible on smart phone, tablet and desktop environments, and subscribers can print hard-copy brochures for their condition or procedure videos. ViewMedica VMcast subscribers create their own ad-free waiting room TV broadcast to inform, entertain, and promote their services. And the Integrated Video service puts ViewMedica videos in any EHR or patient engagement system. All ViewMedica content includes closed captioning and Spanish versions.

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards program highlight the role of digital communications in achieving healthcare organizations’ business objectives. This year’s winners were announced November 7, 2018, at a special presentation in Scottsdale, Arizona during the Healthcare Internet Conference sponsored by Greystone.Net.