Can technology increase patient engagement?

How integrated data analytics and automated outreach help practices shift focus from preventative care to proactive care.

Stock photo of a man on his phone

According to an article from Physicians Practice, patients demand more access and communication from their physicians.

And with most people now carrying a smartphone, health providers find the mobile phone a perfect platform to reach out to patients.

The article says physicians and care managers should take advantage of mobile phones to increase patient engagement before, during, and after visits.

Use text messages to remind patients about appointments and surveys to gather valuable data about patient lifestyles. And because today’s phones are video powerhouses, you can also deliver patient education.

Combined, these tools can effectively sustain or reignite patient engagement. To make it all practical, though, you need to use data analytics and an automated outreach system. Then, you can identify potential health problems and shift your focus from preventive to proactive care to boost patient engagement and optimize outcomes.