Update Your Practice Information

This tutorial will cover how to customize the facility contact information that is displayed on your brochures.

First, log into your ViewMedica account. If you don’t remember how to log in, please see our Account Login Tutorial.

From the Dashboard, click on ViewMedica On-Demand “Player Appearance”. You can update many of your ViewMedica features from this page, but for this tutorial we’ll focus on the Brochure Contact Info which controls how your contact information appears on the printable brochures.

Click the “Change Contact Info” button.

You can now edit your contact info. You may want to force a line break (to put your phone number on its own line for example). To force a break, type or paste the break code <br / >.

When done, hit “Save Changes” and your changes will be automatically applied the next time you launch your ViewMedica*.


Sometimes you need to close your browser, or clear your browser's cache before this change can be seen.