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Updating the VMcast app on a Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick will update the app automatically given enough time. Here's how to update it immediately.

  1. Go to your TV. Make sure the Fire TV Stick is the active source displayed on the TV.

  2. Press and hold the home button on the Fire TV Stick remote for a few seconds. A quick access menu should appear covering the entire screen.
    Press and hold the home button

  3. Select “Apps.”

  4. Focus the VMcast app tile, but do not select it.
    Focus VMcast app tile

  5. Press the options button on the Fire TV Stick remote. A context menu should appear in the bottom right.
    Press the options button and select more info

  6. Select “More Info.” This should take you to the VMcast app landing page on the app store.

  7. If an update is available, the button below the description should say “Update.”
    Select update

  8. Select “Update.”

  9. Once updated, the VMcast app version should show as 3.0.9 or greater.
    New version