Set Your Loop's Captioning

You may want to show captions for your ViewMedica videos. Or, you may have a bilingual waiting room audience and want to show your ViewMedica videos in English and display closed captions in Spanish. Here’s how.

  1. After logging in to your account, from your account dashboard, click VMcast’s Control Center link.

  2. To the right of each stream name are a set of icons for that stream’s features. Click on the “Loop” icon for the stream that you want to manage.

The captioning setting for a loop is located on the loop panel of a stream.
  1. First make sure to set a default loop. Then you can change the settings for how ViewMedica videos play in your loop. Below your default loop name you’ll find the settings for captions.

Turning Captions On

By default, captions are set to “Off”. Click that to set the captions language to either English or Spanish.

Setting Caption Language Different From Video Language

Set your “Video Narration” to either “Spanish” or “English”. Then set your “Captions” to the other language.