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Set Up News on VMcast

When you turn on News, your VMcast app displays the news feeds from any RSS source below your video content.

  1. After logging in, from your account dashboard, click VMcast’s Control Center link.

  2. Next to the Stream Number of the stream you want to set, click on the News icon. This brings up all of your news settings for that stream.

  3. You start with no RSS streams. So, click on “Add New RSS Feed” to enter in your first source. Type in the feed’s URL and give it a brief label. Labels show on your TV, so use words like “SPORTS,” “BUSINESS NEWS” or whatever best describes your source. Save your changes.

How To Find an RSS News Feed

  1. If you want to display more than one RSS feed, add more by continuing to use the green “Add New RSS Feed” button. You can rearrange your news feed order by grabbing a feed and changing its position up or down in the feed list.

  2. Now make sure the on/off button in the upper left corner is set to “ON.” That means your weather is on and displaying on your TV.