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Presentations with More Than Five ViewMedica Videos

The number of ViewMedica videos, YouTube videos and slides you put in your Presentations are not limited. However, if you are not a VMcast waiting room TV subscriber, any Presentation you make using more than 10 ViewMedica videos will not have the "Play All" button

This won’t affect most users, since a normal Presentation may only have one condition video and one treatment video.

If your Presentation has more than 10 ViewMedica videos, it will show up in your menu system like all other Presentations. When the Presentation is opened, you will still be able to select and watch any of the videos making up the Presentation.

Adding VMcast to your ViewMedica On-Demand subscription is easy. Along with giving you “Play All” support for Presentations with more than 10 ViewMedica videos, you also get the VMcast looping feature – a great way to create custom, ad-free waiting room television broadcasts using your ViewMedica videos, custom informational slides and your own videos.