On-Demand Basic Installation

To install the patient education library into your site, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Basic Setup Instructions

  1. Edit the Web page that will hold your ViewMedica videos and enter the code editing view.

  2. Copy the ViewMedica embed code we sent you in an email (or get your embed code from your account management area) and paste it into your page code where you would like the animations to appear. Upload the html page to your server.

That’s it for the basic install. Post and view the page on your site and ViewMedica should be up and running.

Tutorial: Getting the Most out of ViewMedica

Optional Steps

If you need to support Internet Explorer 7 or older – or need to support multiple embeds on a single page for IE 8 or higher, you will have to also do the following:

  1. Unzip the attached file, Scripts.zip we sent you in your setup email. You will now have a file called swarmkey.swf.

  2. Upload the swarmkey.swf file to the root directory of your site.


If you get an error message at the loading screen with the ViewMedica logo, the error message box should give instructions on how to fix the problem. There are two common causes for this:

  1. You are trying to place the animations on a different domain than you registered with us. When you signed up, you registered the animations for use on a specific domain, and this is the only place the animations will work. If you need them to run on a different domain, such as a staging site, simply log into your Swarm account and change the Web address in your profile. Once you have updated the Web domain, clear your cache and check the animations again and they should run.

  2. You are using an older version of Internet Explorer and have not uploaded the swarmkey.swf to the root directory of your site (see OPTIONAL STEPS above). Check to make sure you have done this, and then clear your browser cache and try again.

If you have tried these steps and are still not getting the animations to load, please send the URL of your embed page to support@swarminteractive.com with a description of the problem.


Your ViewMedica install can be customized in many ways, including putting individual videos on their own html pages. Learn more about custom embeds.

ViewMedica has a WordPress plugin that can be downloaded and installed on your site. Learn more about the WordPress plugin.