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Managing custom content

Each time you create a new content item, it is added to your library of saved slides or saved videos. Here is how to view your saved content library and edit the items there.

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.


For slides, VMcast subscribers have four types: Main Screen, Top, Side and Bottom. You can select any of those types to see the list of those slides. On-Demand only subscribers just have Main Screen slides.

  1. From your dashboard, click the “My Saved Slides” or “My Saved Videos” link.
  2. In thumbnail view, hover over (or touch) a slide or video thumbnail to see your options.
    • EDIT
      Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the item. Please note that any change you make to an item will change that item in every presentation, collection, bumper, or VMcast loop that uses it.
    • Select
      Click on the “plus” icon to select the item. You can select individual items to duplicate, select more than one item at a time to delete, or move to a folder. Folders help you organize your content.
    • Delete
      Click on the “trash can” icon to delete the item from the system. Please note that when an item is deleted from the system, it is also removed from every presentation, collection, bumper, or VMcast loop that uses it.
  3. You can also create new items by clicking the “+ Create New” button at the top of this page.

Thumbnail view is a quick and easy way to see what content you have. But over time, your content library will grow. You can change the display of your library to "List" if you need a more condensed view.