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Remove a Video from an Integrated Subscription

As an Integrated client, the video selections that you have paid for are marked on your Video Selections page. Because Integrated videos are licensed on an annual basis, you cannot remove those selections during the contract year. There are two ways to remove a video from your selections.

During the Open Selection Period

The most common method is to wait for the Open Selection Period, which happens in the 30 days before your contract renewal date. We will send you an email notifying you of the start of your Open Selection Period. You can also see your Open Selecton Period start date when you log into your account and go to the “My Videos” selection page. Read more about the Open Selection Period.

Before the Open Selection Period

Or, you may want to stop using a selection before your Open Selection Period begins. The cost of using that selection is not refundable for the current contract year, but if you Contact Us, we can make sure it is removed from your selections and that you will not be charged for its use in the upcoming renewal term.

In either case, by contract you must stop using the deselected videos by the end of your contract period. Any video files of deselected videos must be removed from your server.