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How to Find an RSS News Feed

There are a lot of great sites out there offering RSS feeds that you can use. Some hospitals and large facilities even host their own RSS feeds. Here’s some helpful tips on using RSS in VMcast.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way for information sites such as news sites to easily distribute headlines and parts of their textual content. And, as the source updates or adds new headline items, their RSS feed changes too.

How Does VMcast News RSS Work?

VMcast includes an RSS feed reader. It runs in the background and constantly waits for your favorite sites to post new content. When something new pops up on a site you’ve subscribed to, it instantaneously gets sent to your VMcast TV.

Finding an RSS

Most news and information sites offer an RSS feed, but you may have to look around to find them. Sites that support RSS subscriptions usually have an orange icon with a set of white lines running through it, like this [image embed of rss icon]. Click on that. Or, do a search on the site’s own search bar for RSS. They should have a page that lists all their feeds.

You can also Google search for a feed. For example, to get a US CDC feed, search “CDC RSS.” That will give you a link directly to the page on that lists all their RSS feeds.

Once you find a feed you like, you need to get that feed’s URL. That’s the web address that you paste into your VMcast Stream’s News list. For example, CDC’s feed URL for health news is:


Make sure the feed URL starts with http or https. Copy the URL so you can add it to your VMcast news feeds.

One popular way to find and preview RSS feeds is through an online site called Its search function helps you see the many feeds out there supplying the headlines you like. Although you will have to go directly to a source’s site to get the specific feed URLs for their various sections. Using a web-based services like Feedly also lets you test out the content in various RSS feeds before installing a feed into your VMcast.

Test Your Feeds

Always test out a feed before using it on your waiting room TV. Some feeds may not be appropriate for your office. By watching an RSS feed first, you can be assured that your patients are seeing appropriate content.

See our tutorial on Setting up News for VMcast to learn how to get your News ticker working in VMcast.