Getting started with VMcast

VMcast lets you build custom broadcasts for your waiting room TV. You can include patient education videos, custom text and image slides, and even your own videos!

Things you will need

To use VMcast, you will need a few things:

Set up VMcast

Once you have the things you need, check out the following instructions for simple set up:

Build a loop

Loops are custom collections of content that play indefinitely on your VMcast. Your loop can include the following content items:

  • ViewMedica Videos
  • Public Health Videos
  • Text Slides
  • Image Slides
  • Custom Videos

Create a Loop

Manage a stream

Streams allow you to control what is displayed on one or more TVs. Control which loop plays and what language it plays in, as well as add extra information like weather, news, messages, and promos.


You can set a default loop for each stream. Then when you launch the VMcast app, the loop automatically starts playing.

Set a Default Loop


Add helpful and timely weather information to the side of your main content. You can set up weather using a zip code or longitude and latitude.

Add Weather Using a Zip Code

Add Weather Using Latitude/Longitude


Add headlines and the latest events to a news ticker at the bottom of your VMcast display. News uses publicly available RSS feeds from your favorite news organizations and blogs.

Add News Using an RSS Feed


Add your own custom messages to the top of your VMcast display. When you add a message, it is instantly sent to your VMcast display.

Add a Message


Promos are “commercials” you can insert to the left, bottom or even inside of your main-screen video loop. Promote your staff and services, or advertise the products you offer with these image and video promos.

More About Promos