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Embedding ViewMedica into a Wix website

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account and get the full On-Demand player embed or the embed for a video or menu.

  2. Copy the embed code to your computer’s clipboard. You will paste this into your Wix page later.

  3. Once you are logged in to your Wix account, navigate to the area where you would like to add the On-Demand player.

  4. Click the “Add” button to create a new element.

  5. At the bottom of the selection panel, choose the “More” option and then click the “HTML Code” element.

  6. Now you should have a Custom HTML element on your page. Click the “Enter Code” button. A window should appear where you can paste in Custom HTML.

  7. In the generated window, paste the code that was copied from Step 2. Then hit “Update.”

  8. Drag the corner of an element and resize it to at least 722px by 500px. If your embed is smaller or larger, you can modify these values to fit.

  9. Publish your changes to your website. Note that On-Demand will only work once your changes are published. Previewing your site will generate an error.