Embedding ViewMedica into a Duda Website

This tutorial will introduce you to embedding ViewMedica into a DUDA website.

Once you have logged in and navigated to the page you want to edit, following these steps to add the ViewMedica player.

  1. Add a new row to the page.
The row button is selected in the duda website builder interface.
  1. Click the widgets panel on the left menu bar. Select the “HTML” widget.
The widgets drawer is opened in the duda website builder interface.
  1. Paste the ViewMedica embed code into the editor. Click “Update” to save your changes.
The HTML widget modal is open and the ViewMedica embed code has been pasted into the editor. The ViewMedica embed will not work in the duda editor preview mode.
  1. Publish your page. Your video will load on the domain associated with your ViewMedica account.
The ViewMedica embed works properly once the page is published.