Say hello to the new ViewMedica


Download Available Video Updates

Every year we remake dozens of ViewMedica videos because of new advances in healthcare or just to modernize the visual style. You have free access to these new videos as an Integrated video user, but your downloaded videos have to be updated by you, manually.

Log In

Log into your account and go to your Integrated Videos video downloads page. You can find a link to it from your dashboard as the “Download Videos” link, or from the “Integrated Videos” menu in the orange bar find “Download Videos.”

Make a Request

At the top of the downloads page, you’ll see a green button that says “Request New & Updated Download”. Click that and all your previously downloaded content that has changed will be made available for you to download. You will also get any videos that you have licensed but have not yet downloaded. If the number of new and changed videos is too big to be packaged into one download, you will get instructions on how to get your videos.

Download and Replace

After you download your new videos, just replace the old video files with the new ones.

If you want to download the changed videos one at a time, you can go to the list on the downloads page. The “New/Updated” tab shows all your previously downloaded videos that have changed and any videos that you have licensed but have not yet downloaded. Select one or more videos and then hit the blue “Download Selections” button at the bottom of the page.