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Add a news ticker using an RSS feed slide

Have VMcast display news feeds from any RSS source. RSS feeds can go in the top frame area or the bottom frame area of your screen.

From the loop editor:

  1. Select the blue “Add Slides +” button. From the drop-down menu, pick the “Create Slide” link to make the new slide.

  2. This opens the slide templates library. Here you’ll see there are many types of slides you can make. Select “RSS Feed.”

  3. Give the feed a Title. This title will be seen on your TV screen, so use words like “SPORTS,” “BUSINESS NEWS” or whatever best describes your source.

  4. Type or paste in the feed’s URL.

    How To Find an RSS News Feed

  5. Hit the green “Preview” button to make sure the RSS feed works. You should see a listing of current RSS feed items.

  6. Hit the blue “Save” button. Now you will see the RSS feed slide in your list.

    You can grab the new slide and drag it to the position where you want it play in your loop.


If you want to display more than one RSS feed, add more by continuing to use the “Add Slides +” button.