Create an Individual Bumper

We call them Bumpers because you attach them to the front or back of a ViewMedica video. Individual Bumpers are custom informational slides or YouTube™ videos that play before or after only the ViewMedica videos you select. It's a great way to include practice-specific information with your videos.

  1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click the On-Demand’s Bumpers link. This opens the Bumpers page. There are two tabs: Universal Bumpers and Individual Bumpers. Select the Individual Bumpers tab. From here, you can create a Pre-roll (to play before a ViewMedica video plays) or a Post-roll (to play after a ViewMedica video plays). The creation process is the same for both, so we will use the Pre-roll as an example.

  2. Hit the “New Pre-Roll” button that is in the grey bar for the Individual Pre-Rolls section. You have many options here: You can create a new text slide, image slide or video item – or, you can choose from your list of existing custom content that you created previously for other Bumpers or your Presentations. Once the content is set, you will see the new Bumper at the top of the Individual Pre-Rolls listing.

  3. Now you need to attach the Bumper to one or more of your ViewMedica videos. Select the “Attachments” link for your new Bumper. A window will open that lists all your ViewMedica content.

  4. Click on the video title(s) you want to attach your Bumper to. Items that already have an attached Bumper will be greyed out, and you will not be able to attach another Bumper there. You can attach the Bumper to all of the videos in a section by selecting the blue “Check All” link next to the section name. Hit the “Save “ button to set the Bumper attachments.

  5. When done, hit the “See Your ViewMedica” link to see the Bumper in action.


An Individual Bumper attached to a video will override any Universal Bumper for that video.

Optional Settings

If you want to change how the Universal Bumper “Skip” button is handled, hit the Settings icon (gear). Either have the Skip button show up after the Bumper has been playing for 5 seconds, or always show the Skip button (default setting). You can also add a description for this Bumper in the Settings window. The description is not seen by your users, it is just for you to help distinguish one Bumper from another as the administrator.