Create a Universal Bumper

We call them Bumpers because you attach them to the front or back of a ViewMedica video. Universal Bumpers are custom informational slides or YouTube™ videos that play before or after all of your ViewMedica videos. It's a great way to include practice-specific information with your videos.

  1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click the On-Demand’s Bumpers link. This opens the Bumpers page. There are two tabs: Universal Bumpers and Individual Bumpers. Stay with the Universal Bumpers tab.

  2. You can create a Universal Pre-roll (to play before ViewMedica videos play) or a Universal Post-roll (to play after ViewMedica videos play) or both. To enable one of the Universal Bumpers, hit the “Change Content” button. You have many options here: You can create a new text slide, image slide or video item – or, you can choose from your list of existing custom content that you created previously for other Bumpers or your Presentations.

  3. When done, hit the “See Your ViewMedica” link to see the Universal Bumper(s) in action.

Optional Settings

If you want to change how the Universal Bumper “Skip” button is handled, hit the Settings icon (gear). Either have the Skip button show up after the Bumper has been playing for 5 seconds, or always show the Skip button (default setting).