Create a Self-hosted Video Item

You can create a self-hosted video item while you’re building a Presentation or VMcast Loop.

From the Presentation or VMcast Loop Builder

  1. When building a Presentation or a VMcast Loop, select the blue “Add Videos” button. You have some options here: Select the “Add Your Own Video” link.

  2. Give the Video a Content Title. This title will be seen in the ViewMedica menu system. Use a descriptive name so you and your patients can easily find it in your ViewMedica menu.

  3. Select Self-Hosted.

  4. Paste the link address to your video into the H.264 Source field. The video should be a MP4 encoded with H.264.

  5. You can also link to an image file to use as a poster frame and a link to WebVTT captions if you wish. Preview the video to make sure it is linked to properly.

  6. Hit the green “Save and Add” button. Now you will see the Video in your list.