Create a Self-hosted Video Item

Self-hosted videos are a simple and effective way to add your practice's own touch to your ViewMedica. You can create a video item while you’re building a Presentation or VMcast Loop.

From the Presentation or VMcast Loop Builder

  1. When building a Presentation or a VMcast Loop, select the blue “Add Custom Content” button. You have many options here: You want to select the “Create Video Item” link.

  2. Give the Video a Title. This title will be seen in the ViewMedica menu system. Use a descriptive name so you and your patients can easily find it in your ViewMedica menu.

  3. Select Self-hosted.

  4. Copy and paste the link to your video. The video should be a MP4 encoded with H.264. You may specify a poster frame and WebVTT captions if you wish.

  5. Hit the green “Save and Add” button. Now you will see the Video in your list.