Create a Loop

Display these ad-free broadcasts on your waiting room TV.

  1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click the VMcast Loops link.

  2. If you have no Loops, you will see a green box that says, “Get Started with Loops.” Click on the “Create Loop” button. If you already have one or more Loops, you will see the Loops on the left side of the page. Above that list of Loops, you’ll see a “New Loop” button – click this to create a new Loop.

  3. First, enter in the new Loop’s title. This title will be shown in the VMcast menu system. Use a descriptive name so you can easily find it in your VMcast menu.

  4. To add a ViewMedica video, select the blue “Add ViewMedica Video” button. Select all the videos you want to put in the current Loop. Hit the “Save” button.

  5. To add Custom Content, select the blue “Add Custom Content” button. You have many options here: You can create a new text slide, image slide or video item — or, you can choose from your list of existing custom content that you created previously for other Loops.

  6. Items in a Loop can be grabbed and dragged to new positions in the list. This is how you change the Loop order.

  7. When done, hit the “Preview” tab to review the Loop. You can find the Loop in your VMcast app’s Loops menu.

  8. You can change the poster image used by the Loop in the “Settings” tab. And you can edit the Loop title there, too.

  9. Other settings you can change are setting the captions to automatically come on, make the Loop repeat all ViewMedica videos in English and Spanish or play one language while captions show in the other language.