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Create a Bumper Image Slide

Image Slides are a great way to add highly visual content to your ViewMedica.

To fit properly within ViewMedica, we suggest the image (jpg or png format) be at least be 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high — if you upload your image, our online image editor will help you size and crop.

  1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click on the On-Demand’s Bumpers link. This opens the Bumpers page where you can create either Universal or Individual Bumpers.

  2. For Universal Bumpers, hit the “Change Content” button. For Individual Bumpers, hit the “New Pre-Roll” or “New Post-Roll” button that is in the grey bar for the Individual Pre- and Post-Rolls sections. You have many options here: You want to select the “Create Image Slide” link.

  3. Give the Image Slide a Title. This title will be seen in the ViewMedica menu system if it is placed in a Presentation, but not for Bumpers. Use a descriptive name so you and your patients can easily find it in your ViewMedica menu.

  4. Set the Time on Screen for this Slide. The default time is 10 seconds but some slides may only need 5 seconds. If you have a lot of text, you may need to increase the amount of time it stays up on the screen.

  5. Use one of these three methods for selecting an image to use:

Upload Your Own Image


In the “Create New Image Slide” window, click the “Choose Image to Upload” button. This will bring up your computer’s file structure. Navigate to your image file, select it and click “Choose.”


Your image will load, and a cropping box displays the proper dimensions. Click and drag the box to move it or click and drag the blue handles to resize. When you are finished editing, click the “Crop” button.

Preview and Save

Preview your finished image. If you want to continue editing, click the “Edit Image” button. If you are happy with the results click the “Save” button. The image is now uploaded to your Media Library, cropped, selected and ready for use.

Use an External Image


After selecting the “Use External Image” tab, enter the URL address of you image file into the Image Location field. Most facilities will have their webmaster post Slide images to a directory on there web server. Make sure to get the full URL of the image from your webmaster.

Preview and Save

Hit the “Preview” button to make sure the URL is correct and view what your Image Slide will look like.

Use a Previously Uploaded Image


After selecting the “Use My Media Library” tab, the display will update to preview the previously-uploaded images available. Select the image on the left that you want to use.

Preview and Save

Your selected art will display on the right of the window.