How to Integrate Facebook Sharing Tags with ViewMedica

You can add Facebook OpenGraph sharing tags to your web page to improve the information used when a ViewMedica video is shared. By default, ViewMedica will only share a link to the page its embedded on. However, after adding a few OpenGraph tags, it will share a title, description and thumbnail as well.

Copy the ViewMedica Title
Copy the ViewMedica Description
Copy the ViewMedica Thumbnail

First, gather the required information from the Installation Page of your ViewMedica account. We'll need the video's title, description, and thumbnail URL. Now, use this information to build the appropriate tags in the of your web page. You could also use a WordPress plugin to help manage the tags on your page.

Here is a sample webpage with the recommended OpenGraph tags:

After you place these tags, you should use the Facebook Sharing Debugger to pre-cache your content and ensure that your tags are working correctly. This will mean that the next time a user shares a link to your website, Facebook already has the required assets. You can find more information about sharing best practices on the Facebook website.

Check that your OpenGraph tags are working using the Facebook Sharing Debugger