Get the latest VMcast App

Most subscribers using the VMcast App on Fire TV will automatically get the free update. You may need to restart Fire TV to get the new app. If you still have the original ViewMedica app, which can’t update itself, see how to change apps.

1) First, you should check to see what app you are using. It may already be the most recent. To find out, launch the app. If the login screen is blue, you have the old app. You’ll also see there is no “Settings & More” menu on the app’s main screen after the app is logged in. The new app has a magenta login screen and there is a “Settings & More” menu above the playlist selections.

2) If you’re using the old ViewMedica app, go to this page to see how to Change From the Old App. If you go to the Settings menu and have a Weather setting, you have the latest app and can now use this new feature. If your VMcast app has a Settings menu, but does not have Weather settings, continue to step 3.

3) There is no way in the Fire TV system to force your app to update itself. It will update in time. Your best practice is to close the VMcast app overnight or when not in use by hitting the return button on your remote until you see the main Fire TV home screen. Then the VMcast app can auto-update overnight. If your app still doesn’t update, give us a call and we can walk you through a forced update.