Set up Weather on Amazon Fire TV app

When you turn on Live Weather, your VMcast Fire TV app displays the current weather data and forecast information for your specific location next to your video content. From the app, just turn on weather and enter your zip code or other location coordinates.

1) From the main playlist selection screen, press 'Up' to reveal the settings panel. Press right until the ‘Weather’ option is revealed. Then press 'Select.’

2) To get weather data from the right location, you need to enter your U.S. zip code. Locations outside of the United States need to enter in latitude/longitude coordinates. (Tutorial: How to get your latitude and longitude.) After your location is entered, hit “Save.”

3) Make sure the map we show on screen is the location you want weather data from. If the locations is wrong, hit the back button on your remote and re-enter your location. If it is correct, hit down to the “Confirm” button and hit select on your remote. Now your weather is on and set to go.

The next time you launch a playlist from the app, you will see the weather report for the location you set.

What is Displayed

On the left side of the TV you’ll see a panel that shows hourly temperature forecast for the current day and the five-day weather and temperature forecasts. At the bottom of the screen is the temperature and weather right now, as well as a forecast for later today and any active weather alerts.

Weather will display in English or Spanish depending on your app’s language setting. Temperatures are displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your location.