Managing your Custom Content

Each time you create a new Playlist or Bumper content item, it is added to your library of Custom Content. Here is how to view the Custom Content library and edit the items there.

1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click ViewMedica's Custom Content icon.

2. Custom Content is divided up into three Content Types: Text Slides, Image Slides and Video Items. You can select each of those Types to see the list of your Custom Content of that Type.

3. Beside each item is an "Edit" link that lets you change the item (links to images or videos, text on Text Slides, time on screen and more). Please note that any change you make to Content items will change that time in every Playlist or Bumper it has been included in.

5. Also find next to the "Edit" link is the "View" link. This lets you preview the item as it would appear in a Playlist or as a Bumper.

6. Next to the "View" link is the red delete button. This lets you delete the item from the system. Note that when an item is deleted from the system, it is also removed from all Playlists and Bumpers.

7. You can also create new Text Slides, Image Slides and Video Items from the respective Content type sections on this page.