How to track ViewMedica with Google Analytics

You can track the views of individual ViewMedica content through your Google Analytics account.

Enable Tracking

1. Make sure you have a Google Analytics account and have the analytics tracking code installed in your HTML page that displays the ViewMedica viewer. See Google's site for Google Analytics support.

2. Enable Tracking Analytics in the ViewMedica system by selecting enabling Google Analytics in your On-Demand Settings. You can find a link to On-Demand Settings in your Dashboard area after logging into your account on the ViewMedica website.

3. After turing on analytics, it will take 24 hours for Google to start displaying the number of views the ViewMedica content is getting on your site.

Finding the ViewMedica content in your Google Analytics

Here is how to search for your ViewMedica content in Google Analytics.

1. Log into your Google Analytics account.

2. Go to the Behavior section and then to Site Content/All Pages. Then search for items containing #VM (all ViewMedica content is tagged with #VM).

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3. The listing will now show all your ViewMedica views. The page name shows the content library and the codename for the content. The language code indicates whether the hit was for the English (en), Spanish (es), or German (de) version of the content item.