Presentations Improve
Patient Education

Combine ViewMedica videos with your own, custom-created, informational slides and YouTube™ videos.

Free to ViewMedica Subscribers

This powerful feature comes free with any ViewMedica On-Demand subscription. Display presentations on your website and use them in your facility to educate your patients — just hit play and walk away.

Custom Content

Take advantage of our Custom Content feature and your presentations will do more for you. Add your own custom slides or videos that explain pre-operative or post-operative instructions. Display HIPAA notices, your service hours, or promote your ancillary services and feature staff members — right from your ViewMedica Viewer.

Types of Presentation Content

Use for Clinical Education

Create custom presentations for all of your most common procedures. Then, in the exam room, launch a presentation to give your patient a cohesive overview of their condition, your proposed procedure and any other information you want them to view. The length of each presentation is displayed up-front, so you can leave the patient and return after the presentation has finished.

See Example Presentation

Use on Your Website

Embed a presentation on your content-specific pages. For example, if your site explains total knee replacement, embed on that page a ViewMedica presentation that has the Knee Arthritis video, Total Knee Replacement video and a few text slides and videos that describe your practice's specific pre-and post-surgery instructions.

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Use in the Waiting Room

Take control of your waiting room TV by also subscribing to the ViewMedica VMcast service. Turn any presentation into a VMcast loop for your office television. Replace your current programming with a custom loop of patient education videos, informational slides and even your own promotional videos.

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Easy to Navigate

When you run a presentation, you can skip forward and backward from one item to the next. Or you can use the “See List” button to get the full list of links to everything in that presentation.

Easy to Manage

To create a presentation, simply log into your account. Our presentation administration area lets you select ViewMedica videos or your custom text slides, images and videos to build your presentation. Published presentations automatically show up in your ViewMedica Player.

Creating a Presentation